Base2 Electrical Engineering

Engineers for power electronics, drives, and embedded control systems

We founded Base2 Electrical Engineering in 2018 with the mission of assisting companies and individuals to achieve their goals for electrical and electronic engineering projects. Our services will help you or your company overcome research and development peak loads to decrease time-to-market or bridge competency gaps so your business can focus on its core areas. You will be pleasantly surprised by our internal drive to thoroughly understand your engineering problem, identify and focus on the deciding details, while at the same time keeping the big picture in view. Another important part of our philosophy is to continually innovate and improve.

Our Competencies

  • Power electronics
  • Simulation and design
  • Embedded control
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Consulting
  • Technical documentation

Your Advantages

  • Innovative solutions
  • Direct communication and fast feedback
  • Highest quality
  • Goal-oriented and efficient style of work
  • Travel: we come to you
M.Sc. Nils Larsen
M.Sc. Nils Larsen
Embedded systems, control and magnet design
Dr.-Ing. Chester Ditmanson
Dr.-Ing. Chester Ditmanson
FPGA, power electronics, and embedded systems

How can we be of service?

We would love to discuss solutions to your engineering problem! Just write us a brief message with contact information - we well get back to you in a flash.