Our Team

Flexible and international

Base2: a team of two electrical engineers with extensive experience in various topics, particularly relating to power electronics and drive systems. Aside from providing rock-solid engineering work, we can also offer excellent technical documentation - we are fluent in English, Danisch, and German.

M.Sc. Nils Larsen

Ever since my childhood, I have had a keen interest in electronics, computers, and cycling. Danish by birth, I earned my masters degree in electrical engineering in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chester and I met at the company Venpower GmbH, where we worked together on the development of a novel electrical drive for high-power direct drive wind turbines from 2009 til 2017. During this time, I succesfully brought several machine geometries with power ratings from kilowatts to multiple megawatts through the complete design cycle from design and optimization, through manufacturing, and all the way to commissioning and test. As a technical team leader, I led a 7 person development team.

Dr.-Ing. Chester Ditmanson

I am originally from Minnesota, U.S.A., and have been living in Dresden, Germany for many years now. I completed my Ph.D. in electrical engineering under the tutelage of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Bernet at the Power Electronics Chair of the TU Dresden in the summer of 2017 - my topic, „Development of a Distributed Control System for a Novel Modular Wind Turbine Drive“. Some highlights of my professional career include the successful completion of over 15 PCB projects and over 5 complex embedded applications for FPGAs, CPLDs, SoCs, Microcontrollers, and DSPs for the control of power electronics and electrical drives. I have enjoyed working on many layers of abstraction with these projects, ranging from specification and concept, circuit design and schematic entry, PCB layout, coordination of manufacturing, bring-up testing of hardware, and programming and testing for/within the end product.